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Fully Customizeable To Fit Your Needs. Available In All Our Exotic Hardwoods.

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Flush Mount

Flush mount vents create a sleek, unobtrusive appearance by aligning perfectly with your wall, ceiling, or floor. These vents seamlessly blend into the surrounding surface for a clean and minimalist look, though they demand precise installation for that flawless finish.

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Top Mount

Top mount vents are made to fit into openings in walls, ceilings, or floors. They're easier to install compared to flush mount vents, as they don't need pinpoint alignment with the surface. These vents are popular in HVAC systems, flooring, and applications where easy installation and system access are key, prioritizing function over decoration.

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Return Air

Return air vents play a crucial role in HVAC systems by facilitating the circulation of air. These vents help filter fresh air throughout your space and capture particles, enhancing overall air quality. They are typically installed in walls or ceilings and optimize energy efficiency.

Standard Sizing: 3 x 10" & 4 x 10"

Standard Sizing: 3 x 10" & 4 x 10"

Standard Sizing:  6 x 11",  5 x 10",  8 x 12"

Custom sizing and styles are available. Contact us for a Quote.

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