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Which Design Style Should You Embrace this Year?

By Stefani Forster

Does your living room leave you feeling uninspired? Are you bored with your basic bedroom? There's no better time to start an interior design project than the beginning of the New Year, so why not change up your décor and try something new?

From edgy Industrial to artful Bohemian, there are several design styles to choose from—but we find it's always best to go with one that speaks to your taste and personality. Take our quiz to find out which interior design style fits you in 2019.

a. Paisley please! b. Wallpaper? I'll take cement or brick, thanks. c. The busier the better d. White and simple is my jam e. Something regal

2. Choose a chair

a. Beanbag b. Gunmetal dining c. Funky armchair d. White plastic moulded with dowel legs e. Velvet vanity chair

3. Lock on lighting

a. Groovy b. Edison bulbs c. Colourful and eclectic d. Simple rounded pendants e. Crystal vintage

4. Pick a palette

a. ‘60s vibes b. Utilitarian c. Light and airy d. Don't make me choose, I love them all! e. Deep, rich hues

5. Select a piece of art

a. Mandala-inspired print b. Vintage bicycle to hang on the wall c. All the colours and textures! d. Quirky and simple e. Glamorous framing

6. Choose a cocktail

a. Cheap, craft beer made by a local brewery b. Moscow Mule—copper mug not optional c. Long Island Iced Tea and make it a double d. A simple gin and tonic, with cucumber and a sprig of rosemary. e. Martini

7. Pick a flower

a. Daisies b. Succulents in metal frames c. Flowers, flowers everywhere! d. Pussy willow e. White roses

MOSTLY As: Loco for boho? Your design style is Bohemian. Odds are you're a traveller artist or free spirit and it shows through your laid-back personality and mix-and-match aesthetic.

MOSTLY Bs: Your design style is Industrial. You love converted lofts, original brick and exposed ductwork but, even if you don't live in an industrial space, there are still ways to incorporate this edgy, utilitarian style into your home.

MOSTLY Cs: Your design style is Maximalist. You know what they say: more is more. Maximalism is back in a big way for 2019 in diametric opposition to the Minimalist styles that have been dominating design trends for the last few years.

MOSTLY Ds: Your design style is Scandinavian. Simple, light, clean and cozy; there's a reason why Scandinavian style continues to dominate our design feeds. Embrace the hygge and bring Scandi design into your space for 2019.

MOSTLY Es: Your design style is Hollywood Regency. Bring on the glamour! You're all about rich colours, luxurious fabrics and lacquered finishes. Embrace your inner superstar and let your high-end taste shine through a Hollywood Regency aesthetic if you're feeling a little bit Gatsby this year.

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