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Are you preparing to sell a home? Prepping your home for sale is a good way to make sure your house sells faster while increasing the value of your property. Even simple upgrades and projects can make a difference when it comes to selling your home. Need to know where to start? Begin with these projects to help promote your home.

Complete a Top-to-Bottom Deep Clean

The simplest project you can complete to sell your home is a deep cleaning. Clean homes look, smell and feel more attractive to potential buyers. Start by using a checklistto get your home spotless. Consider hiring a cleaning company to do the initial deep clean and then work on the maintenance yourself while your home is on the market. Make sure you have all of the supplies you need to keep your home tidy all over. A quality cordless vacuum is a good tool to have to keep all the tricky spots around the house clean. A lighter cordless vacuum is easier to transportfrom room to room and is easier to store, and it will make clean-ups before showings quick and simple.

Minimize Furniture, Decor and Personal Items

A home on the market should be a blank canvas for potential buyers. People need to be able to truly picture themselves living in your home. To help stir their imagination, stage your homewith minimal furniture and decor. Place extra items in storage to help your rooms appear more spacious and welcoming to future owners. If you have photos and personal items lying around, you’ll want to put those away as well. There’s some debate over whetherfamily photosare a plus or a minus when showing a home, but these personal effects will be much safer stored away when people are walking through your home.

Paint Your Home in Appealing Colors

Fresh paint can help your home appear cleaner and more modern. However, the right paint colorscan help your home sell faster and even increase its value. Research has found that neutral, lighter shades of blue in a room can up the selling point of a house. Outside, paint can matter as well. Certain shades used on doors make a difference to prospective buyers. To get your paint looking neat and new, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Use high-quality paint brushes and rollers to get even coats. Also, opt for low-VOCor no-VOC paints to prevent your house from giving visitors headaches.

Create Welcoming Light Throughout

If you want your home to look and feel welcoming, you’ll need some good lighting. Natural light will make your rooms look more spacious, warm, and inviting. Before you have professional photos taken or show your home, open up all curtains and make sure the blinds are raised as well. You can even take curtains down if that lets a little more light into your home. Take a walk around the inside and outside of the house to check for burned out lightbulbs and replace them, making sure all visible bulbs match.

Repare all the damages

Broken or damaged items gives a bad impression to potential buyers. For example, damaged or scratched floor, cracked tiles or hole on the wall. A necessary repair will add fresh look to the property. Fix up these broken items, replace the tiles or flooring.

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

A boost in curb appeal can bring more people to view your property. Simple measures such as keeping the grass mowed and trimming hedges, can make your yard more attractive and provide potential buyers with a better first impression. Spruce up flower beds with fresh mulch or create flower beds before you list your home. Pay attention to your entryway and front porches, keeping these areas clean and neat. You can add some potted flowers or decorative touches to make your house feel more inviting.

Getting your property to sell a bit faster can be as simple as committing to a few easy home improvement projects. By putting in a little work before you list your home, you can boost your profits and the time it takes you to sell your home. It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made. 


Suzie Wilson is an interior designer with more than 20 years experience. What started as a hobby (and often, a favor to friends) turned into a passion for creating soothing spaces in homes of every size and style. While her goal always includes making homes look beautiful, her true focus is on fashioning them into serene, stress-free environments that inspire tranquility in all who enter. TheUltimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open Houseis filled with tips, tricks and other advice based on Suzie’s years of experience in interior home design that will set you up for success.

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