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Unfinished Ipe Hardwood Flooring

Our manufactures use sustainable Forestry Practices, which includes environmental and socially responsible forestry practices.  We value the land and only buy from manufactures that practice sustainable forestry.  Sustainable forestry means that the amount removed will not exceed the amount that will grow back between harvests.

Unfinished Ipe - Brazilian Walnut continues to be an outstanding choice.  Many builders choose Unfinished wood because they insist on square edge material and unfinished works better in the dirty new construction environment.  Ipe hardwood will significantly improve the quality and value of your home.  As the densest and hardest product we offer, it will last a lifetime or more.



Unfinished Ipe hardwood flooring is installed, sanded and finished on site.  This allows customers to completely customize their finish to best suit the space being renovated.