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Tigerwood Prefinished Hardware Flooring

Prefinished Tigerwood 

Brazilian Koa


$5.89/SqFt (5'')

$5.85/SqFt (3.25'')

Regular price: $6.89/SqFt

Color:  Natural

Grade: Select & Better


Prefinished Jatoba/Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished Jatoba 

Brazilian Cherry

Sale Prices last up to the New Year

$5.85/SqFt (5")

$5.39/SqFt (3.25")

Regular price: $6.29/SqFt

Color: Natural; 

Grade: Select & Better


Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardware Floor

Prefinished Cumaru

Brazilian Teak


$6.89/SqFt (3.25'')

Regular price: $7.99/SqFt

Color: Natural

Grade: Select & Better


Rustic jatoba hardwood flooring

Prefinished Jatoba

Brazilian Cherry

$3.79/SqFt (3.25'')

Regular price: $3.99/SqFt

Color: Natural

Grade: Rustic


Engineered Oak/Maple Hardwood

T & G Engineered American Oak/Maple hardwood


$3.49/SqFt (3.25'')

$3.75/SqFt (6.25'')

Regular price: $4.99/SqFt

Color: 20 colour options

Grade: AB/ABCD

Prefinished Succupira Brazilian Chestnut Hardwood Flooring
White Oak hand scraped flooring

White Oak Handscraped



Regular price: $4.99/SqFt

Size: 5" x 3/4"

Grade: Select 


Prefinished Garapa Brazilan Ash Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished Succupira

Brazilian Chestnut


$5.69/SqFt (3.25'')

Regular price: $7.75/SqFt

Color: Natural

Grade: Rustic

Prefinished Garapa

Brazilian Ash

$4.69/SqFt (3.25'')

Regular price: $5.99/Sqft

Color: Natural

Grade: Select & Better

underpad underlayment

3mm Underpad


Regular price: $0.35/SqFt

Size:1 roll = 200SqFt

Grade: ICU 73


2mm Underpad


Regular price: $0.25/SqFt

Size:1 roll = 200SqFt

Grade: ICU 73

5" Solid Oak Flooring


Regular price: $4.75/Sqft

Color: 5 Colour Options

Grade: Select & Better

6mm click engineered vinyl flooring

6mm Click Vinyl



Regular price: $3.00/Sqft

Color: 6 Colour Options

4mm click engineered vinyl flooring

4mm Click Vinyl



Regular price: $2.60/Sqft

Color: 13 Colour Options

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