Jatoba Hardwood Flooring

Of the many cultural riches Brazil possesses, it boasts the greatest collection of plants found anywhere on the planet. Its Jatoba hardwood tree, in particular, stands out as one of the best known exotic species. Considered the ultimate in luxurious flooring, Jatoba hardwood flooring is highly prized for its dramatic orange color.

Jatoba wood was first imported to the United States from Brazil about 20 years ago and was used primarily by furniture makers. However, Jatoba’s qualities of exceptional hardness and density, combined with its beautiful color, make it a perfect wood for flooring. Since Jatoba hardwood resembled domestic cherry hardwood, the name “Brazilian cherry” was adopted for the American flooring market.

Special qualities of Jatoba hardwood

Jatoba wood is extremely hard, scoring 2350 on the Janka Hardness Scale. That makes Jatoba hardwood almost twice as hard as strong, resilient red oak, which is the benchmark against which all other wood species are compared for relative hardness. Jatoba's hardness translates into excellent durability when it comes to resisting scratches, dents and wear patterns from foot traffic.

In addition to durability, Jatoba hardwood is sought mostly for its incomparable beauty. When freshly cut, the heartwood ranges in color from salmon red to orange brown. Seasoned by age, Jatoba hardwood eventually darkens to a deeper russet red that is often marked with dark brown streaks. An overall golden luster adds a layer of depth that makes Jatoba hardwood dramatic and breathtaking.

Jatoba wood is a premium natural flooring product that may not fit into every homeowner’s budget.  Fortunately, you can bring the beautifully warm and exotic look of Jatoba hardwood flooring – or Brazilian cherry – to any room in your home with laminate flooring.


Pre-Finished Jatoba



Size: 3.25"/ 4.5"/ 5" x 3/4"

Color :  Natural

Grade: Select& Better