Ipe Decking

Ipe(ee-pay), also known as Brazilian Walnut or Ironwood is in our opinion, the best natural decking material available on the market today. Ipe is an extremely dense, tight grained wood. Generally a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues.

Ipe is a very strong and dense wood and working with it is extremely difficult - it can not be nailed or screwed into and learning to build long lasting decks with this wood and doing it efficiently requires a lot of experience.

Ipe has been used in North America for over 25 years. Decks made of this wood perform very well in Canadian winters. Currently in Toronto Ipe is gaining a lot of attention from architects for commercial and residential projects.

Many homeowners choose Ipe over any other natural product, if they are financially able to do so, because Ipe outperforms any other wood product in this category except for cost. Ipe decks normally cost 50% more than cedar decks initially, however the cost is recovered by lower maintenance cost, lower repair costs due to cracking or warping of the wood and the longer lifespan.

Most of our customer choose Ipe once they see and feel it. For those on a more restrained budget, Ipe can be installed on the horizontal surfaces of the deck only, and other wood can make up components that are in the vertical position and are not affected as much by the sun, snow and general wear and tear.

Ipe Decking Sizes: